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If your are Traveling in our Pacific Northwest,  We present to you our highly recommended Horse Drawn Carriage & Wagon Tours  that you are sure to  enjoy.

Toppenish Mural Tours

Toppenish, WA

Come to the city they all call Toppenish, Washington, “Where the West Still Lives” they are proud to say. Climb aboard the only 18 foot covered wagon still rolling in downtown Toppenish streets today. Duke and his Norwegian Fjord horses Jessie and Frank will take you on a tour of a true old western town. Many of the original structures still stand as a testament of the life in the early days of Toppenish. Duke was born in the area and will even show you a mural of the doctor that delivered him. Today there are 73 murals but it all started with 1 single mural. Duke will tell you all about his short tour in those days. As Duke takes you down the street he will give you more than just a tour of the murals. His colorful personality will help to make your tour one to remember. If you are looking to experience some of the old west in a unique way we highly suggest that you take the hour tour and have a great time. This would be a good tour for your children so pack up the family and get out and experience Toppenish, Washington with Duke and the gang.


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Toppenish Murals Tour
Voice: 509-697-8995
HC Anderson Carriage Co.
Leavenworth  WA.
Imagine a Bavarian village where a horse-drawn carriage leads you along cobblestone streets. As you make your way through town, you can smell the Bratwurst at Munchen Haus, take in the surrounding beauty of the Cascade Mountains, and listen to the clickety-clack of our horses, Sven, Gandalv & Aksel, as we transport you to a time and place where fairytales just might exist. 

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HC Anderson Carriage Co.


Tally-Ho Tours

Victoria BC, Canada

Tally-Ho gives guests a premium horse-drawn carriage experience that is a charming, romantic, personalized, and relaxing way to see the city.  These ingredients help create an experience that you as their guests will rarely find elsewhere.

PHONE: 1-866-3835067




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